Specialty Cars & Co has a core stock of approx 60 engines, most are e.f.i.,we have a few early style 4bbl,4bolt main engines, some early short and long blocks, a good range of mid 90’s 350 engines, a few 2000 vortecs,lots of lt1 motor-trans combo’s, a big supply of tpi engines, our best seller, we can’t seem to source enough ls1 and big block engines, as stocks are real  low .

Our supply of new crate engines from g.m. in the u.s.a. is really good, we do anything that they build , in stock normally are the 4 bolt 350 engines, and the new early style 4 bolt blocks.just arrived are new stock of crate engines,b/b chevys, tpi and lt1 engines.

Check out the photo's below